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Partner @ Launch

We help all Oregonians find their place in the climate movement.

Imagine a world where climate justice is business as usual. Where each of us is able to live in ways that create a vibrant future for all.

Today, there is climate leadership toward this future all around us, AND plenty of people who haven’t yet been activated. It’s not always obvious for newcomers to the space which organizations are working on which aspects of the climate crisis and how to get involved.

Starting early in 2021, a small group of committed volunteers envisioned and piloted a website to connect friends, family, and neighbors with the amazing organizations facilitating powerful climate action across the state. We built as a "one-stop shop" for climate action opportunities in Oregon, welcoming all those who are curious about what's happening, and especially those who are ready to take action.

With your support, ORCAH showcases the entire scope of work that is already happening in Oregon and the opportunities that exist to engage at any level. Together, we are creating a platform that supports effective collective action by helping users understand which action opportunities take the best advantage of the time, energy, and resources they have to offer.

The Oregon Climate Action Hub (ORCAH) is on a mission to empower ALL Oregonians to take effective climate action. Our goal is to build individual and community capacity. By amplifying what is already happening and inviting more people into action, we move toward a world where climate justice IS business as usual.

Why do we need your support?

We invite you to join this team effort, and help build the ORCAH community. Together, we will lift up climate action that is already underway, activate new people to join the movement, and bolster strong connections across the state.

Your support at this stage will fund the ORCAH launch effort, focusing on our organizational partners in preparation for throwing the doors wide open in the spring of 2023. Our first priorities are to attract a strong core communications team that will support outreach to organizations and individual users, build an easy-to-use website, and invest in the organization's capacity to reach those who want to do something about climate but don't know where to start.

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